Saturday, November 28, 2009

The 100 Cupcakes Challenge - Part 4

This is Part 4 and also Part Final of the 100 Cupcakes Challenge.

I made the icing for the cupcakes this morning.

The Rachel Rae's recipe I mentioned in Part 2 was supposed to be for 6 dozen cupcakes and according to many of the reviews, just nice in terms of sweetness.. "Not too sweet"..

Quantity-wise, I think 6 dozen was about right. I made slightly more and had more than sufficient icing for The Girls. But it was rather sweet. I think that the sugar amount can easily to reduced by 30% - 40%.

Anyway, the Girls did seem to rather enjoy the class... and oh... they were really creative with the icing. I gave them 4 colours - red, blue, green and violet and they made so many different designs and shades of icing.

In all, I thought that this cupcakes class really took a lot of work.. in part due to my inexperience. I think I would be able to do a faster job the next time around... if I ever have to do it again.

Though I hope it'd not be in the near future..

My favourite piece..

Cupcakes by me..

Cupcakes by the girls.. They were very creative..

And more cupcakes..

A fun and unique design by one of the girls


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Oh.. they are aren't they.. The Girls were very creative.. is a very nice activity to do with a group of girls.. inspite of the prep work required..

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