Sunday, December 13, 2009

Curly Sage

Honestly, I didn't think that the sage I bought in September would survive my black fingers..

But somehow, it did.. (thanks to tips from a fellow forummer from GCS. See below for details..) But my sage is not doing very well. The leaves are curling up quite a bit and becoming really brittle.

I know that the sage plant is a native of Mediterranean areas - it likes full sun and does not like too much watering. So, I have been letting the soil dry out a bit in between waterings..

Perhaps it is lack of water that is causing the curly leaves.. but I'm afraid that it'd rot from overwatering.. Actually, I suspect the curly leaves can be blamed on the mealy bugs I have been finding on the plant. I have been faithfully checking the plant for mealybugs for the last month and killing any I see off.. But somehow, I still see the odd mealybug now and then.

Hopefully, I can get this plant to survive my trip.

Tips for growing sage in tropical Singapore (see original forum post here):
  1. Soil - grow in a well draining mix. Add 2 parts of sand into potting mixes (like Green Lover, which is a mix of burnt earth, compost, etc).
  2. Light - Morning direct sunshine is essential. Keep away from noon sun (which is a little too hot, esp lately).
  3. Water - With the growing conditions in 1 and 2, plants are watered once in the morning. If it wilts later on, water again. If not, wait till next morning.
  4. Fertiliser - slow release osmoscote pellets coupled with water soluble fertiliser like phostrogen or gaviota weekly at half strength.
  5. Air circulation - Grow sage in a well ventilated place. This is important.

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