Friday, December 4, 2009

Less Fruity Fruitcake - Attempt 1

Amongst all the fruitcake recipes I've looked up, this recipe from The Cake Bible appealed to me the most.

For one, the name "Less Fruity Fruitcake". Yeah! I don't like fruitcakes where there are more fruits than cake!

And another, it has lots and lots of alcohol.. and the book said it could be baked in muffin cups which meant less washing up which I liked.

So I decided to give this recipe a go.

Sadly, I made a mistake with the measuring of the ingredients.. (I think I added too much alcohol) because the batter that resulted was seriously too watery to be baked.

I ended up adding more (a serious lot more) alcohol flour (Added 6 Dec 09: I must be drunk when I wrote this! hahah!) so that the mixture would resemble that of a cake batter. And then had to bake it for quite a while longer than what the 20 mins the book said it should take.

Happily, the cake turned out quite yummy.. and all that alcohol made it smell so heavenly whilst it was cooking away in the oven.

But still, I haven't quite done this recipe justice.. so I've soaked some more dried fruits and will be making it again next week.

Less Fruity Fruitcake - Attempt No. 1.
A yummy but unattractive cake. I'd post the recipe once I get it right...

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