Tuesday, June 29, 2010

10 things to do before I die - Part 2

A follow-on from my previous post.

6. Take 6 months off to travel around
 No real itinerary here.. but just travel around for 6 months.. to experience life in other parts of the world.. to visit old friends I've not seen for a long time.. to revisit some places I've been to in the past.. try new things I've never done. 6 months of minimal planning and doing things I like. An ex-colleague of mine is doing that right now.. and it looks like so much fun.

7. Fly
Well, not fly as in take a plane.. but more like fly the way birds do.. with wings.. But I'm also a real scaredy cat so perhaps... I'd just take a hot air balloon?

8. See a glacier
Geography was my favourite subject when I was in secondary school.. and I really liked learning about glaciers. I've always been attracted to glaciers because they are very ancient, somewhat mysterious and very breathtaking (in the photos I've seen, at least). I want to see one for myself!

9. Stay in a castle
Just for the fun of it

10. Travel to the city of Jerusalem
To understand the place where Christianity began..

I have to get started on my list soon....

Some pictures from my previous travels..


JY said...

Sounds like a good plan... I have to actually make a list first!

Blur Ting said...

Haha, you and your castle... Maybe you can take a month off and live in a castle!

I would love to take a year off to travel. Last night, I dreamt I was in the Alps, In France I think. So nice, almost like I was really there!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

JY - you should! After I make my list.. I start to plan working on it... Not that I have done anything yet... but.. :P

Ting - 1 year! Wow.. Your sons will miss you! But actually I have friend who is doing that and she is coming back every month to unload her shopping and eat all the stuff she misses.. So cool, yah?

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