Thursday, September 30, 2010

View from the balcony - Part 1

The view from the balcony is one of the main reasons why we bought our place.

This is not the first place we lived in after we got married (In fact, it is the third).. but it is the first house that really belonged to us.

Our apartment had and still has a lot of faults when we bought it.

When we bought it, the walls were painted with the oddest colours of turquoise green, bright pink and orange. We changed everything to off-white.

The old lights were beautiful and rustic looking. But they were HUGE and they made the small apartment looked even smaller. We removed those and installed simple lights with warm colours.

The architect who built the apartment must be a most impractical person.. Either that or he (or she) does not think that space is precious. There is quite a bit of space wasted in the apartment, like a places we can't access and ledges built below the window that should have been built with storage space below but instead is more wasted space.

And we have 3 balconies.. for a apartment, 3 balconies.. is a lot of balconies! And in the opinions of many.. such a waste!

But.... I love the view from all three balconies. The balcony I least liked when we moved in is one of my favourite of the three, because although it is the smallest, it is also the coziest...

I really enjoy watching the sunset from the balcony. See how nice the sky looks like this evening when I got home!


My SINFONIA said...

Beautiful! I do miss the sunsets in Sg...

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Oh.. in that case.. I'd share more of it with you! As you can also share Tasmanian sunsets with us.. :)

petunialee said...

That IS a pretty sight!!

Blur Ting said...

Lovely! I miss the dramatic sunsets at my parent's farm too. I get nice sunrise now that I'm staying in the East.

Malar said...

So beautiful! Your balcony must be the best place to rest after tiring day!

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