Sunday, May 20, 2012


I have been down with a cough for the last few days.

I hate it when I get a bad cough.

For me, it usually starts with a sore throat. And then as the sorethroat gets better, the coughing starts. And I'd be coughing so hard, that the sorethroat comes back and I get a bad headache. The coughing gets especially bad at night. Sometimes, I get a congested nose as well.

Then after a few days, the cough gets better.. and the sorethroat gets better as well.

I think I'm at the stage where the cough and sorethroat is getting better but with Monday coming up quickly, I do wish I'm feeling a lot better than I feel now.

It sucks to be sick. I've been pretty much sleeping my weekend away and food doesn't taste much to me.

I do need to remember to always drink loads of water, have lots of fresh Vitamin C and exercise more. Especially water. Somehow, it always takes a cold or cough to remind me not to be a camel..

I'm steering clear of cold drinks for now, but this kiwi drink - blended 
using 2 kiwis, a bottle of yakult and some ice cubes is a great source of Vitamin C! 
I also added in a few leaves of my mint plant to make the drink more refreshing

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