Monday, May 14, 2012

Itinerary for Switzerland Trip

I'm back!!

Or rather, I'm back at blogging!

Because I have been back to Singapore for a while now.. For slightly over a week now.

At first, I was just too tired from the jet lag.. and then too lazy to sort out the thousand over photos we have.

But I ran out of excuses... so here I am again, back in action... :)

The Husband and I had a great trip. It was really nice to be back in Europe again together. Our last trip to Europe was to France for our honeymoon... and that was really quite some time back!

I have lots to post about for this trip.

Let me just start here with my itinerary.

We travelled to quite a number of cities in Switzerland.

We started out from Zurich, then spent a day in Lucerne, walking around the city and going on a boat ride around part of the lake. We stopped at a place called Weggis (Pronounced like Vegas) for lunch and had a nice relaxing day at Lucerne.

Lucerne was a beautiful city.. and very popular with tourists. 
It was the most crowded city we visited in Switzerland.

Then we spent 2 days at Interlaken. A lot of my Swiss friends and colleagues told me that there isn't very much at Interlaken, but I was very glad we ended up 2 days there because bad weather prevented us from going up to Jungfrajoch (Sounds like Yong-fra-yog) on Day 1, but we managed to go up to the highest train station in Europe on Day 2. In the end, we ended up touring the lake around the city of Thun on Day 1, so we had a lovely 2 days around the Interlaken area anyway.

Even the travelling part in Switzerland is pretty nice - you see lots of 
beautiful, postcard-like landscape rushing past you in the train..

From Interlaken, we travelled about 2 over hours away to stay for a night in a city called Montreux. This part of Switzerland feels very much like France. Announcements were made in French and the city looked and felt French. We went there primarily to see a castle called Chateau de Chillon, which was right by Lake Geneva. It was the closest we went to Geneva, because we decided to head south the next day to a car-free town called Zermatt.

Zermatt was where we had the most fun, I think. The town was located in the mountains, so it was chilly when we were there. The weather started out pretty reasonable in the day, so we went up by cable car to the highest peak called the Matterhorn. Lots of people went up there that day to ski. Since I couldn't do that now, The Husband and I just had fun playing with the snow and visiting an ice cave. Here, I also checked off an item in my "10 Things to do before I die" list, which was to see a glacier.

After Zermatt, we spent our last 2 days in Switzerland staying in the capital of the country - Berne. Berne is a beautiful city and we spent our first day roaming around the old city, sipping tea in the evening in a garden where we could take in the beautiful view.

On the second day, went out of Berne all the way north to visit the Rheinfalls, the largest waterfall in Europe. We managed to find enough time that day to visit Schaffhausen, the city where IWC, the famous watch company is based. We got to visit the IWC museum and of course, that ended the trip on a high note for The Husband.

 The very impressive Rheinfalls

The next day, we left for Singapore and I told myself I'd be back again to Switzerland.

Next trip, I'd visit the western part of the country and the Italian part.

We saw lots of beautiful mountains and lakes this trip. 
Very much inline with what I thought about Switzerland.. just a lot more beautiful!


Blur Ting said...

Wow, must be so scenic! I love Switzerland's cool crisp air.

Malar said...

Switzerland look so beautiful. As you I always imagine this place like a postcard views!

Wen-ai said...

Wah... very nice! But how's the food in Switz???

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Hi Ting, yes... Switzerland is very scenic. A very nice place for holiday!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Malar - I was very pleased to find out that everything indeed was very much like the postcards I saw :)

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Wen-ai.. oh.. hehe, I was just about to write a couple of post on food when you dropped this comment.. Watch this space for more! :)

Unknown said...

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