Sunday, September 2, 2012

Blueberry Cookies from Cookies Quartet

Cookies Quartet is a shop that specialises in handmade cookies. It is based in Hong Kong and is located at Kowloon City.

I love their cookies and most of the flavours in their assorted mix box are good. Their "Devil Chocolate Cookies", "Almond Butter Crisps" and "Hazelnut Pepper Cookies" are the most popular flavours and usually the first to finish in the assorted box.

The Husband also like their Palmiers.

I like their Blueberry Cookies a lot. These crisp cookies come with a tinge of lemon taste in the background and very chewy dried blueberries. You have to buy these separately as they do not come in the basic Cookies Quartet assorted box. I find these quite hard to stop eating and usually eat 4 - 5 each time. (Actually, I don't usually like cookies that very much so I can't quite understand why these appeal so much to me..)

I was reading an old post of mine on Cookies Quartet when I suddenly had cravings for these blueberry cookies. I posted my cravings for these cookies on Facebook and a few days later... guess what? Dear, sweet Ting messaged me to let me know that she has a packet of these for me! All the way from Hong Kong! CH was in Hong Kong and his friend knew how to get these... and so they got a packet for me.

Wow! It was such a lovely surprise to receive this yummy gift! I was really touched by this gesture. Thank you again, Ting and CH!

I like the gold paper clip used to seal the packaging..

Cookies Quartet
Add: G/F, 9A Lion Rock Road, Kowloon City
Tel: +852-2382 2817


Blur Ting said...

I was so happy he found the shop and bought this back so you can satisfy your craving.

Open Kitchen Concept said...

It was really really nice of both of you.. Thanks! :) hehe. What a 'faraway' craving it was. Thankfully I didn't have much cravings throughout the past months.

Wen-ai said...

you lucky girl! ;)

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