Sunday, September 2, 2012

Chocolate Trovana from Chef Icon

Ever since I read Petunia's post last year on Chef Icon's Trovana Chocolate Cake, I knew I wanted to try this cake.

I went by the shop a few of times and failed to get a cake - they don't open on Sundays, public holidays and they close at 8pm. And they don't always have the cake available if you didn't pre-order.

We went to Kampong Bahru on Saturday evening for some xiao long bao, and I thought of trying my luck with this cake again.

The chef was around that day and when he said, "Hmph.. let me check, we might have a 500g one still in the fridge", I held my breath. After all, it was 730pm on a Saturday, so the possibility of having any cakes in a bakery that was almost empty wasn't high.

But he came out with a cake on his hand and finally, I get to try this elusive chocolate cake. The trovana chocolate cake comes in an assortment of flavours - pure, blueberry, black forest, banana or strawberry. The pure chocolate one was the one available and that was the one we brought home.

The cake looked really basic (As Petunia said, "non-descript appearance") but it was really quite good.

"Pure" is a very good way to name this chocolate cake. The chocolate was smooth and rich yet just subtly so. You really do feel like you are eating a very pure and basic piece of soft chocolate with every bite.

The chef mentioned that he uses a blend of cocoa beans from France and recommended that we eat the cake with a cup of unsweetened red tea to complement the taste of the chocolate. He was right. It went perfectly with the red tea and leaves you wanting more, which is what every good chocolate cake should make you feel.

This bakery uses only all natural ingredients and does not add any preservatives, artificial ingredients, or hydrogenated fats into their products. 

The Chocolate Trovana cake is one of the 2 signature cakes from Chef Icon. The other one is the New York Cheesecake, which I'd love to try next time. Both cakes are available only as whole cakes (500g, 1kg or 2kg).

Chef Icon Nature Bakery
Add: 5 Kampong Bahru Rd
Tel: +65 9337 3900

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