Monday, September 10, 2012

Fresh Turkish Apricots

The Husband likes to eat dried Turkish apricots from a gourmet food store from Hong Kong (Bon Bon Bon). Both of us think the dried Turkish apricots selected by the owner of the food store are the best we have eaten.

Recently, I was pleasantly surprised to find fresh Turkish apricots at the supermarket we often go to.

I've previously never eaten fresh apricots.

I find these fresh Turkish ones really quite sweet. They have a velvety skin and the flesh, whilst not extremely juicy, is smooth and sweet. It take like something between a peach (though not as fragrant and sweet) and plum (though not as tart).

Apricots contain Vitamins A, C and lots of fiber. They make great diet food, since they contain large amounts nutrition and are yet very low in calories as compared to other fruits. Dried apricots have an even higher concentration of vitamins and nutrients, but are also slightly higher in carbs.

They taste good eaten on their own and when added to salads. I also think adding them to yogurt and muesli make a great morning or afternoon snack.

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