Sunday, January 29, 2012

Early CNY and 2012 Resolutions

I like it better when Chinese New Year is in February. Chinese New Year at the end of January (23 and 24 Jan no less) is way too early..

It's... a little too SOON after Christmas and New Year and I haven't had time to think about my new year's resolutions. It has always been my personal tradition to do that as part during the Chinese New Year.

This year, since I caught a nasty flu bug during CNY.. and because CNY came upon us so early, I'm late.

Well, better late than never.

My resolutions this year are pretty simple.

1. Eat healthily

I always try to do a bit of exercise but when it comes to good food, I've always gone easy on myself.

But I realised that too much carbs weren't doing me any good and I was feeling more tired and putting on weight in spite of regular exercise due to my diet.

Since December, I've cut back on carbs and have lost about 3-4 kg since. But I do want to maintain this low carb diet for a longer period of time. Not only was I cutting back on carbs, but I was also eating more fruits, nuts and drinking more milk. And I have found myself more energetic and alert. Which is really good. So I shall continue eating healthily in 2012.

2. Change my lifestyle

This year, I want my lifestyle to be different

I maintain a very boring lifestyle - work long hours from Mondays to Fridays, sleep in on Saturdays and go to church/ cell group on Sundays.

I shall do something different in 2012. I haven't quite decided how. But I will most definitely do it.

3. Enjoy life a little more heartily

I think I miss out on the beautiful things in life too much.

This year, I want to take time to smell the flowers on my way to work, enjoy a different city and time alone when I go on business trips, go for a morning swim before work sometimes, have a cup of homemade tea latte on Saturday mornings.. and just do those small small things that makes life so much more beautiful and different.


Wen-ai said...

Way to go! I like (2)... do update on ur blog what/how are you going to change ur lifestyle!

Sweet Pea Yeo said...

Hope you are feeling better now. I made similar resolution like yours every year and I am still working hard to meet them :)

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Thanks Wen-ai, will definitely do that! Watch this space! :)

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Thanks Sweet Pea Yeo. I agree with you these are "long term goals!" :)