Friday, September 20, 2019

How we lost 35kgs

Today is Little N's 7th birthday and as always, Facebook memories reminds me how she has grown. But also, it showed how much weight The Husband and I have lost.

A photo on her 2nd birthday reminded me that we are now 35kg heavier - I have lost 10kg and The Husband a whooping 25kg. We both now have a BMI of less than 22.

I started this weight loss journey first so her third and fourth birthday photos shows a thinner me. The husband started in 2016 and her fifth and sixth birthday photos shows a trimmer dad.

There are lots of other books and online videos of course, but the first book was what got me started and the second what kept the weight off for me.

I'd share more about what we do but 3 things to highlight..
1. We did no additional exercise so this was pure diet
2. We have both kept the weight off for a number of years now (4 for me and 2 for The Husband)
3. A few things are really easy to do 

I’d share more about my journey in future posts.

I love desserts and never gave them up 
(They are the reason why I only lost 10kg and not more, haha)

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