Monday, October 31, 2011

Earl Grey Latte

I have some French Earl Grey tea leaves from TWG at home. TWG Tea Company is a Singapore company selling premium tea leaves. The first time I came across ther shop, I was very surprised to learn that it is a Singapore company and not a British company.

I really love this tea because it's not only very fragrant, the leaves look pretty too! This fragrant variation of the classic Earl Grey tea has been infused with citrus fruits and has French blue cornflowers in it.

Pretty, isn't it?

I decided to make myself a cup of earl grey latte today. It's really easy to make - very similar to how I made Matcha Latte.

This would be a really nice drink to go with Earl Grey Tea bread, or a simple, quick-mix banana cake. Except it was a really hot day today so I made half a glass of this and added lots of ice to it for Iced Earl Grey Latte!


Anonymous said...

This looks so good. :D I love TWG too. So far, I've been drinking their Chocolate mint, chocolate truffles and Paris-Singapore Tea. Very, very good.


Open Kitchen Concept said...

Paris-Singapore tea is one of my favourites. I have it on every single SQ business flight (they actually have it available, amazing!) I've taken so far - it helps calm me down and helps me sleep.. :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah. It's so subtle and yet sweet. TWG for the win. :D


daydreamer said...

I like TWG French Earl Grey too! It never occur to me to try making Earl Grey Latte at home! I must try it! In fact, one of my fav drinks is Ice Earl Vanilla at Coffee Connection.
Is the Paris-Singapore tea really very nice? Is it floral base?

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Oh, daydreamer, I love the Iced Earl Vanilla at Coffee Club - its earl grey tea with vanilla ice-cream. V yummy! Paris-Singapore tea has cherry blossoms and fruit. :)

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