Sunday, December 18, 2011

Gado Gado

Gado gado means "mix mix" and is an Indonesian mixed vegetable salad with peanut sauce.

I love to eat Indonesian food and am especially partial to gado gado. The last one I had in Batam was so delicious it made me crave for gado gado for quite a while after that.

Today, I made it for a potluck dinner with my extended family.

My version of gado gado contains all my favourite ingredients - blanced cabbages, long beans, bean sprouts, sliced boiled potatoes, baked tofu and hard boiled eggs.

I took an easy way out for the peanut sauce, using an instant mix-gravy mixture. I cooked the peanut mixture with water, lemongrass and a squeeze of lime juice.

Just before serving the gado gado, I topped the vegetables with bitter emping crackers and the spicy peanut sauce.

This is a very nice dish to bring to a potluck meal - I can prepare most of the ingredients way in advance and it doesn't need to be warmed up before serving. My family seemed to like it a lot, so I guess I'd be making this again sometime very soon.

Gado gado - without the emping crackers and peanut sauce. 
I forgot to take pictures after adding those..


Blur Ting said...

Can I ask where I can get the instant gravy? I love gado gado too.

petunialee said...

How do you do things so neatly? Look at those perfectly cut eggs and crisp edges on the taufu! My yolks always fall out.

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Hi Ting, oh.. I got the mix at a shop in the basement of Eastpoint. It's a dry peanut mix. You add water and some spices to get the gado gado gravy. I walked in and asked for peanut or gado gado sauce. I think you can also try asking dry goods stalls in wet markets.

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Ah.. Petunia, such a nice compliment! It's so nice to be called neat! heheh. Thank you! You made my day. One of the things I always want to get but somehow always forget is those device to help you slice up eggs.. :)

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